Mil Spec Cables

  • AS81044 / M81044  -  M27500 : Used in military applications for airframe, avionics, commercial, military vehicle, missile, shipboard and other electronic requirements.
  • AS22759 / M22759  -  M27500 Constructed for severe environment aerospace applications for commercial and military aircraft. This specification covers as based wire single conductor electric wires made with tin-coated, silver-coated, or nickel-coated cooper or copper alloy conductors insulated with crosslinked polyalkene, crosslinked alkane-imide polymer, or polyarylene. The crosslinked polyalkene, cross-linked alkane-imide polymer, or polyarylene may be used alone or in combination with other insulation materials. Shielded and unshielded cable constructions allows the user a wide variety of construction choices. Circuit identification, conductor size, insulation type, number of conductors, shielding material and jacket compound can all be specified using these qpl wire & cables.
  • M16878 (M16878/14-16, 36) NEMA HP3-4-5 : General-purpose, medium and high-temperature hookup wires, with PTFE or FEP insulation. Each insulation type is available in thin, medium, or heavy wall thickness, for voltage ratings from 250 to 1,000 volts. Conductor choices within MIL-W-16878 are solid or stranded copper, high-strength copper alloy, or copper-covered steel; with silver, nickel, or tin plating.
  • MIL-DTL-17 / XX  : Constructed with either solid or stranded silver-plated conductors insulated with an extruded PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) dielectric. The outstanding electrical and mechanical properties of PTFE over a broad range of temperatures and frequencies make these coaxial Mil-DTL-17 cables the standard for a wide range of military and commercial applications. Advantages.
    • Outstanding resistance to chemicals, oils and lubricants
    • High screen coverage to enhance electromagnetic interference (EMI) performance
    • Superior di-electrical properties

Boeing Specification

  • BMS13-48 :Extruded cross-linked ETFE, 600V, wire and cable. “General Purpose” for use in both pressurized and unpressurized areas of aircraft
  • BMS13-55 : Insulated thin wall fire resistant, high temperature, 600V, wire and cable
  • BMS13-58 : Extreme environment, nickel coated copper conductor, 600V, wire and cable. Intended for use in areas where exposure to thermal changes and corrosive fluids are normal
  • BMS13-60 : Arc resistant, 600V, annealed copper, copper alloy and aluminum wire and cable
  • BMS13-65 : Silver coated conductor, PTFE dielectric, double braid, Lightweight, 50 ohms,coax
  • BMS13-67 : Insulated fire resistant, high temperature wire and cable
  • BMS13-71 : Aerospace grade optical fiber cable
  • BMS13-72 : 100 Ohm databus cable
  • BMS13-78 : Arc resistant, 1500V, annealed copper and aluminum wire and cable
  • BMS13-80 : Wire, electric, twinax, 120 Ohm, databus cable
  • BMS13-83 : 100 Ohm databus cable
  • S280W502 : 100 Ohm databus cable

Airbus Specification

  • Airframe Hook-up Wires:ASNE02 specs; EN2266; EN2267; EN2713; EN2714   ( DR Type )
  • Airframe Hook-up Wires Ultra Light - Power: ABS0949; ABS1354; ABS1356 (Aluminum conductors)
  • Power Transmission / High Temp: ASNE0438; NSA935131; EN2854; ECS0844; EN4608; EN2346
  • High Voltage Network: EN4681; EN2267-011; EN2267-012
  • Coaxial Cables: ASNE0293; ASNE0291; NSA935348; ECS0757; ASNE0406; ASNE0691; ASNE0692; ASNE0752; NSA935344; ASNE0690; ASNE0634
  • Twin-Ax Bus cables: ASNE0290; ABS0386; ECS; EN3375; EN4604
  • Quad Ethernet: ABS1503; ABS0972; EN3375-011 ( KB Type )
  • Optical Cables: ABS0963; ABS2293
  • Fligt Test Cables: ASNE0409; ASNE0410; ASNE0411; ASNE0412; ASNE0413

Data & Power Cables - Specials

Avio Connect has the capability to supply a full line of high-speed data and power cables for Aerospace & Militairy applications. These constructions utilize "First-in-Class" product engineering along with cutting edge manufacturing techniques that provide advantages in weight, diameter and ease of termination to name a few.  Product and process engineering experience and expertise ensures high quality and uniform products manufactured in accordance with rigorous customer specifications and requirements. All cables are optimized to meet customers' electrical requirements taking into consideration FAA, ARINC, military and industrial specifications. High-Speed Data Cables are used for many demanding aerospace applications such as In-Flight Entertainment Systems, Cabin Management Systems, Ethernet Backbone Avionics, and Ground Vehicle Trunk and Bus.

Multicore Cables

Multicore cables are extremely versatile and are used for all kind of applications, especially those which would otherwise call for a high volume of cables. Multicore cables are often used in electronic equipment and for applications where space is limited, such as aircraft and medical equipment. Multicore cables are also used extensively in entertainment, with concert venues and theatres often utilising cables combining power, data and AV to avoid a tangled mass of cables running across the stage.

These cables often split off at the end to form a mass of different connectors; this design is often referred to as a ‘snake cable’. In short, multicore cables can be used anywhere that might benefit from combining data, power, coaxial and AV cores into a single cable.

Avio Connect has the capability to design and manufacture your special Multicore requirements in every combination.