Rectangular Connectors



Rack & Panel Connectors – ARINC 404 (AS81659) & ARINC 600

The ARINC 404 rack and panel series are multipin rectangular connectors used to electrically interface avionics equipment to equipment rack. Usually the plug is installed on the avionics rack and the receptacle on the equipment box. The mated locking mechanism is provided for the equipment and cabinet and is not a part of the connector pair.

Arinc 600 connectors new generation meets aerospace market demands without compromising performance or reliability, are the successor of the ARINC 404 for most of the new avionic designs.  Arinc 600 expanded product offering of cost effective RoHS compliant connectors includes new selectively plated contacts and cost effective inserts. Fully qualified and integrated to the widest range of Arinc 600 connectors on the market these lightweight high performance solutions are environmentally friendly and reduce cost up to 20%.

Connectors EN3545

European EN3545 (formerly ASNE0390) are composite rectangular connectors available with various contact arrangements. Two versions are available with a sealed or unsealed grommet at the rear of the connector.

Contacts used are fully EN3155 compliant ( EN3155 is derived from the M39029 Military specifications)

Male contacts are in accordance with the EN3155-008 female where the female contacts are under the EN3155-003, includes sizes 22 to 8 crimp removable contacts for Copper and Aluminum cable, common with Mil-DTL-38999 Series connectors such as coax, twinax, triax and Quadrax. Standard and Overmoldedrear grommet and interfacial seal. Configurable keying and locking posts providing 36 options. Especially suited for applications where shielding is not necessary. Compared to a D-sub connector , customers have the possibility to use Quadrax ( ABS0973/ABS0974) Power(ABS1344/ABS1403), optical fiber( ABS1379) contacts combined with signal contacts. EN3545 has a « D » shape like a D-Sub connector however its coupling type is more secured.

Modular Connectors EN4165; BACC65 and ARINC-809

Connectors to standards ARINC 809, EN4165 and BACC65 is widely used inside commercial aerospace cabins as a standard connector for InFlightEntertainment (IFE), cabin lighting, avionics and other applications. These connectors are Durable, Modular and Exchangable. These connectors are easy to install or maintain. All materials used are minimized for volume and weight to contribute to the overall aerospace system performance. A complete connector is comprised of a plug and socket shell, insert, contacts, backshell and accessories. These connectors can be wire terminated or PCB mounted.

As far as the shells go, they are lightweight, shielded, and composite made. These shells offer 8 keyings, all with color identification. There is a large choice of Quick Install backshells and they are 100% toolles.

High Density Modular System - EN4644

A high density, rectangular, modular connection system designed for use in avionics systems conforming to the EN4644 technical specification. Plug and Receptacle housings are a single piece, high-grade aluminum construction, precision-machined to ensure a lifetime of reliable operation. Housings are available in panel, rack or cable-to-cable mounting styles. Housings may be plated with nickel or aluminum chromate. Plug and Receptacles shells may be configured with either pin or socket modules. Housing-to-housing connectivity is assured using a center coupling screw, which may be a simple alignment feature or a multi-keyed jack screw and nut. Modules are highly resistive to chemicals, stable through temperature and humidity variation, and with FAA FAR25 approved flammability and toxicity characteristics. Internally, stainless steel retaining clips ensure reliable locking under all operating conditions. Modules are rear insert, allowing cabling to be accomplished separately from panel mounting. Each module may have an environmental rear seal of silicone elastomer. An interfacial seal front seal provides module to module sealing when mated, ensuring IP67 level performance. Typical applications include wing actuators, power generation and control, Ethernet distribution networks, electronic load management systems, and galleys.

MICRO D Connectors - M83513 - MICRO-D

MIL-DTL-83513 Micro D connectors typically encounters demanding applications and harsh environments. This high density rectangular form factor is mechanically robust and durable, with low contact resistance, high current capability and high dielectric strength. The connectors have excellent resistance to shock and vibration, while offering a high pin density, small size and lightweight body. MIL DTL-83513 Space Grade connectors are suitable when weight, miniaturization or signal transmission integrity are vital.

Representative usage of customer applications are in:

  • Missiles and Their Guidance Systems
  • Aerospace Avionics
  • Radars
  • Shoulder-Launched Weapon Systems
  • Advanced Soldier Technology Systems
  • Military Global Positioning Systems
  • Satellites
  • Medical Devices
  • Down-Hole Drilling Tools

D-Sub Connectors - MIL-DTL-24308

MIL-DTL-24308 Qualified D-Subminiature offers a ruggedized interconnect solution that transfers data, power, and signal in a small, weight-saving design. Available in standard and select high density configurations, these robust connectors feature a versatile interface for mission-critical platforms and programs.

MIL-DTL-24308 Connectors are highly engineered to operate in temperatures from -55°C to +125°C and are available in MIL-Spec shell sizes 1-5, with removable crimp contacts and non-removable solder contacts. This contact offering can be configured for in-line termination using solder cup and crimp contacts, or for straight and 90-degree printed circuit board (PCB) mounted applications.

We also offers a range of tooling, accessories and SAE-AS85049/48/50 qualified backshells for the MIL-DTL-24308 Connector Series. Ideally suited for a wide range of demanding, harsh environment Aerospace & Defense applications, MIL-DTL-24308 Connectors are the ultimate choice for long-range subsonic cruise missiles, technology driven UAVs, advanced shipboard communications, and next generation commercial aircraft systems.